Let their dreams come true…

Future Dreams, the Gambia:

  • Gives underprivileged children in the interior of the Gambia the probability of complete education.
  • Has direct control over the spending of the sponsorship and development of the children.
  • Puts you in touch with the children. You can help them for only € 15, – per month.

A life without education

Gambia is a developing country. The government builds schools for education for all possible. In addition, they encourage teachers to improve teaching. Despite these efforts, there are still many children, in particular, in the interior, who still can’t go to school. Only 33% of the children that do go to school get the chance for further study.

This number is so low because their parents or guardians have financial problems. They receive only income through their simple farming life. Future Dreams, The Gambia believes in education as  the most sustainable form of development . Education makes resilient and gives children skills where their lifetime benefit. Therefore Future Dreams, The Gambia is committed to these children, so they can work on their future.